rest-o-klang – an audio-culinary restaurant-concept based on synesthetic perception (in cooperation with martin bauer and silke blimetsrieder)?

synaesthesia – a certain kind of perception – greek „syn“ – „together“ and  „aisthésis“, „sensation“. triggered by a sensual perception, another sensation is being felt, wich normally belongs to a different sense organ.

?the rest-o-klang makes its guest listening to a culinary delicacy: a meal becomes an acoustic event. In a dimmed atmosphere, wich deepens the visitor's concentration on his sensual perception, the guest, using a sensor-prepared spoon, tastes the food's flavour while hearing a corresponding sound via headphones. according to the way he mixes up his different dishes, the sounds merge to to individual harmonies until they become veritable symphonies – a real event of a special kind!?

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