our fashion label schnieke creates wardrobe for cycling in a different way: instead of aggressive sport optics the designs is timeless, elegant and sexy. ROSE (a hybrid of skirt and trousers) garantees, although form-fitting, a maximum of mobility while pedaling. for comfort reasons there are no seams in the seating area and the lining is out of breathable fabrics. reflecting buttons are granting a good visibility at night - stylish streetware for office, club and cyclepath. the jacket MARIE is the integral part to ROSE - together they form a costume. (ROSE MARIE) with an extra extended rear section, vents and a special lining as well MARIE is made for relaxed cycling. MADAME BLITZ - schnieke's tights and stay-ups - are shimmering discretely and elegant at daytime. at night with their reflecting rear seam they become an eye-catcher at the club and will give you security on your dark way home. MADAME BLITZ offers very fine quality of fair production in germany. ROSE, MARIE and MADAME BLITZ are available at

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